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This has sat unused for an easy 20 years, and I’m embarrassed to say I know this because it’s sat inna back of MY storage space all that time…

When I first put it away all those years ago, it was in perfect condition - when I pulled it out a month ago, the insulation on the wire had turned to dust.

There aren’t many guys in the US who know how to fix this unit, but my man Mighty Mighty Omar sought out and found THE GUY. Names Hamley, a terrific guy who really knows his stuff…

We wanted this unit to work as it was intended to when new, and they managed to make it happen. By the way - it STILL has the oil bottle and instruction manual it originally came with.

For those of you who know what this unit is supposed to sound like, and often doesn’t sound like it’s supposed to - yer in for a treat . Nothing sounds like this echo unit. Ask David Gilmour, he’ll tell ya!


Binson Echorec 1A

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