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There is a deeply rooted tradition between the chelsea hotel and visionary artist and musicians since it was erected in 1885.There has been a music store in the chelsea hotel since as far back back as 1908. Many famous and infamous musicians writers, visionaries, artists, and the like have called this hotel their home throughout the years. Chelsea Guitars has been a haven for musicians of all genres and ways of life and every level of player for the last 28 years. We are the Mom and Pop guitar shop for the world. Our price range is $100 to $100,000 and give everyone who comes in a little taste of what nyc used to be (and should continue to be) all about. From the absolute beginner to the most advanced player we give advise and opinions about all things musical. All are welcome and 

Our specialty is vintage guitars but we sell new and used guitars basses ukeleles mandolins banjos amps. We repair and restore all guitars from cheap to expensive and sell many accessories as well. On any given day you might walk in and find famous actors, painters, writers, and musicians hanging out and shooting the shit. From Dave grohl to Jeff Daniels to Walter Becker and Angus Young and beyond - its just another day in Chelsea guitars. Dan Courtenay, the owner, will speak his mind whether youre ready or not, about life, love, guitars and basically anything else you care to mention. It is truly a unique place and a unique experience when you walk through the door - filled with cool stuff, not just guitars, everywhere you look there is something different and interesting to see, not to mention the life-size dinosaur head that is exploding out of the back wall and the stuffed snow leopard laying down to meet you when you enter once you get past the model of Marilyn Monroe sitting outside strumming her ukulele. Everyone who works at chelsea guitars plays guitar and is a real musician or luthier so they know what they are talking about and can offer valuable insight and have based their lives in the music scene of new york -so if you are looking for a band or a rehearsal space or recording or booking shows, they can tell you where and who to go to. They care about helping musicians acheive their goals, however small or large and will give the advise and help and tell you where you can get what you need even when they dont have it to sell you. They get visitors from all over the world everyday, and have never advertised. It has all been word of mouth which is an amazing thing. Multiple documentaries have been made and many music videos have been filmed within those walls of guitars.

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