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Fender 1963 Brown Vibroverb, all original condition

I had a Dumble in here once, and that was the best amp I ever heard.

This is the second best…

And I’ve had a lot of really great amps in here.

This Vibroverb has the best reverb and tremolo I’ve ever heard on a Fender amp. Reverb’s tube driven. Supposedly, this amp was too expensive for Leo to build.

I just realized - if yer looking at this listing, you already know all about these famous amplifiers. This amp has not been used in anger for the last 20 years. We went thru it, and all we needed to do was a partial re cap, and we replaced the power cord with a new old stock brown cord that looks original. The original is included, along with the caps we pulled…By the way - the amp is missing the back panel. If I find one I’ll send it along…


1963 Fender Vibroverb

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